Geelong Street-Blueprints
Geelong Street-Blueprints

A bit of Building History

Built:   Approximately 1963

Features: Double brick, double storey, high ceilings, wooden beams, corrugated tin roof upstairs (nice to hear the rain), great view from the Manager’s Office,

As we noted, we’re one of the early buildings in the industrial suburb of Fyshwick.

We’ve been used as:

  • A flooring warehouse (original purpose – you can just make out the wording under the paint strip at the front of the building if you stand across the road).
  • Carson’s of Canberra – furniture removals (in 1970s)
  • Rudi Vandenberg – lawyer/solicitor (many people knew Rudi and his pink Cadillac which he parked under the radiata pine trees at the end of the cul-de-sac)
  • The Mill Art Gallery – art gallery (the then business owner – now the photography studio at the bottom of the ramp at the Bus Depot Markets – came for a visit recently and said we’d done fantastic things with the place after a tour and some reminiscing!)

When we bought the building it had been empty for two years.


If you know of any other uses it has been put to in the past that isn’t listed above, feel free to let us know.





Some of our Building’s History

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